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Annual Meeting of American Psychiatric Association (APA), 14-18 mai 2016 à Atlanta (USA)

Nous allons communiquer deux de nos travaux de recherche

A- en neurotoxicologie des drogues émergentes (Poster P3-009)) :
-Case Report of an Acute Psychosis Episode induced by Emerging Cathinone-Like Designer Drug Avaible on Internet.Hafid BELHADJ-TAHAR, Nouredine SADEG and Marc PASSAMAR. [790 KB]
B- en neuropsychiatrie (Communication orale):
- Brain-Derivated Neuroptrophic Factor (BDNF) as a Predictive Biomarker of the Occurence of PTSD : Pilot Prospective Study.

APA Atlanta (USA) - Dr Belhadj-Tahar, Dr Passamar et M Mekhfi

- Dr Passamar et Dr Belhadj-Tahar devant le poster

Communication affichée -


About sound rhythm in the therapeutic management of aggressive behavior in young people suffering from deafness.

(* Nurse Therapist)

In France metropolitan, 5 182 000 people have hearing loss (8.7% of the population), of which 4.1% are under 20 years of age. In children, hearing impairment is sought in the presence of depression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, instability accompanied by intense anger, and aggressive behavior. So far, the impact of dance and music on deaf people has been little studied. In this context, we recently initiated a project in mediated therapeutic workshops; Devoted to hearing-impaired adolescents or young adults with behavioral problems. The main objective of this project is to foster the adaptability of these young people with severe behavior problems.
Protocol: 4 volunteers with moderate to profound deafness were included in this prospective study (2 F and 2 M, aged 19.5 ± 5.0 years). These patients exhibited daily behavioral disorders with stereotypies and aggressiveness with moderate to severe intensity according to the
Behavior Problems Inventory (BPI-01). These young people attended weekly sessions lasting more than 12 months at the Music / Percussion Workshop in the presence of an instructor and nurse therapist.
Outcome and Discussion: No voluntary withdrawal of the project was recorded. A very strong behavioral improvement was noted in 3/4 of the cases and a slight improvement in 1/4 of the cases. This study has shown that hearing loss is compensated by various adaptive processes, in particular by multi sensorial interactivity (such as the interactivity between touch and vision) and through mirror neuronal system.
Conclusion: This study showed hearing impaired people are sensitive and receptive to the sound world and to rhythmic movement. This finding has been put to the benefit of rehabilitation through Music and Dance Therapies which has improved the behavioral disorder and blossoming of the group rehabilitation through Music and Dance Therapies of young people suffering from medium to profound deafness with severe behavior problems.
1. Handicap auditif en France - Série Études N° 71, novembre 2007
2. Driver J. et Noesselt T. Multisensory interplay reveals crossmodal influences on 'sensoryspecific' brain regions, neural responses, and judgments. Neuron (2008) 57 :11-23

Primary Topic
Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Recovery
Secondary Topic
Autism Spectrum Disorders

Learning Objectives
Improvement of the aggressive behavior by Music and Dance Therapies of
young people suffering from medium to profound deafness.
Rehabilitation through Music and Dance Therapies of young people
suffering from medium to profound deafness with severe behavior problems
To foster the adaptability of young people suffering from deafness with
severe behavior problems

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Chargée de communication AFPREMED à APA_NY_2018 - Les auteurs remercient Linda Belhadj-Tahar, Chargée de communication, d'avoir présenté leurs travaux de recherche au Meeting annuel de l'APA à New york (USA), le 08/05/18

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